Buddhist Retreats

For over 30 years Mar de Jade has hosted Buddhist retreats in the Zen and Chan lineages. We offer a seven day summer Chan Retreat with Master Guo Yuan Fa Shi, direct disciple of the late Venerable Sheng Yen from Dharma Drum Monastery in Taiwan.

In the winter we offer an annual Zen Rohatsu Retreat with Zoketsu Norman Fischer, renowned poet, writer and Zen teacher from San Francisco. These retreats are a unique opportunity to practice meditation with an international Sangha in a bilingual and bi-cultural setting.

  • Retreat | Sea of Jade | Silent Illumination Retreat

    Silent Illumination Retreat

    June 02 - June 09, 2018

    Guo Yuan Fa shi

    This Silent Illumination Retreat is an opportunity to practice traditional Chan Meditation from the lineage of Master Sheng Yen (1928-2009), founder of the Dharma Drum Mountain, with the teacher Guo Yuan Fa Shi and monks from the Monastery in Taiwan.

  • Retreat | Sea of Jade | Rohatsu Zen Meditation Retreat

    Rohatsu Zen Meditation Retreat

    December 01 - December 08, 2018

    Zoketsu Norman Fischer

    This Silent Zen Meditation Retreat, held two times per year, is a unique opportunity to practice a traditional sesshin in a bilingual and bicultural setting.