Yoga, Singing & Play

February 24 - March 03, 2018

Margie Weaver & Barbara McAfee


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Yoga, Singing & Play: An Infusion of Radical Well-Being in Mexico

Join Margie and Barbara for a glorious week of yoga, singing, chanting, poetry, play, ceremony, and community. You don’t need ANY experience with yoga or singing to reap the full benefit of this infusion of radical well-being. Our emphasis is on pleasure and presence more than perfection.

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We offer two classes per day (10:30-12:30 and 7:30-9:00) with lots of time in between to do whatever is needed to re-connect with Nature’s rhythms, to give ourselves enough rest and play, movement and song, good company and wholesome nourishment to stand and engage with whatever life presents us.

There are optional activities available for a nominal fee including whale watching, a trip to the local street market, a sweat lodge, and guided hikes.  Spa services are also available.

Sobre los maestros

Barbara McAfee

Barbara McAfee

Barbara is a voice coach, singer/songwriter, keynoter, and author who merges lessons from 12 years in organization development with the transformative power of sound. Her book, Full Voice: The Art & Practice of Vocal Presence (Berrett-Koehler Publishers) was a #1 Amazon bestseller in Business Communication. The book is based on her 25 years as a voice coach, supporting people from many professions in learning how to access the full power and expression of the voice in service to their work and relationships. Barbara’s musical keynotes blend practical content, sophisticated humor, and thought-provoking questions on topics including voice, leadership, and engagement. She was “the band” for Margaret Wheatley’s Women’s Leadership Revival Tour, which visited 15 North American cities. She also appears with author Peter Block. Barbara has produced seven CDs of mostly original music and is founder of the Morning Star Singers, a volunteer hospice choir in the Twin Cities. She lives across the street from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Margie Weaver

Margie Weaver

Longing to transmit what’s essential & transformative by living my deepest convictions & sharing my ‘capacity to make beauty’, I am in willing service to those things ‘that cultivate intimacy with the sacred’ & that remind us we are not here by accident or error. Our vibrant health, deep well-being & capable hands are truly needed in this world. How shall we proceed? Whether you choose to engage in the conscious moving, sitting & singing meditations of yoga in Minneapolis or Mexico, the grief-metabolizing, soul-remembering labor of our hands keeping indigenous skills & arts alive in my local Handwork Sessions, you will have a chance to experience deep presence & moments of simple being. From that place new behaviors have fertile ground to sprout into living daily as if everything matters.

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