Winter Bliss Yoga Vacation

March 03 - March 10, 2018

Nancy Causey & Samantha Free


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Nancy and Samantha will offer gentle, moderate, and strong classes each day, ranging in style from restorative to vinyasa, including both meditation and pranayama practices.

Nancy’s teaching is based on the principles of Embodyoga™ which is strongly influenced by the school of body-mind centering, BMC. Samantha’s brings a focus on the breath-movement connection in both her vinyasa and gentle classes.

Both women bring experience, empathy, and humor to their individual styles, as well as a strong commitment to the practice of yoga.


More information coming soon!

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Nancy Causey

Nancy Causey

Nancy Causey has taught Yoga for over eighteen years and co-founded the Half Moon Yoga Barn in Millbrook, New York, eighteen years ago. Nancy began practicing Yoga twenty seven years ago as a relief from her stressful life as a business owner in New York City. She has completed numerous teacher training programs including Therapeutic Yoga levels I & II, with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal, the Veterans Yoga Project training for PTSD, and both the 200 and 500 hour certifications in Embodyoga® with Patty Townsend of Yoga Center Amherst. All of Nancy’s classes are based on the philosophy and principals of EMBODYOGA®

Samantha Free

Samantha Free

Samantha, grew up in Millbrook and worked in NYC full time for many years. After 22 years of a fast paced life as an interior designer and owner of her own business, Samantha made a conscious shift and commitment to focus on her health and wellbeing. Inspired to find the balance with life and health as her body was struggling, it had begun to reflect the toll of 32 years as a type 1 insulin depended diabetic as well as hip injuries. Samantha chose to explore many different options, one of them being a commitment to deepening her practice of meditation and the study of yoga. Samantha completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training at Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation in Hudson, NY under the enlightened guidance of her teachers Sondra Loring and Raghunath Cappo. During the training Samantha learned the strength of connecting deeply into self compassion and loving kindness toward herself and others through movement, meditation and breath. Samantha brings this compassion to her yoga teachings, helping people find acceptance and compassion within themselves. Samantha is currently studying for her 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Satya in Rhinebeck.

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