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June 11 - 18, 2016
Cassandra Justine

Explore your yoga practice with Cass in the beautiful studios of Mar De Jade. Practice VIBE™ (vinyasa, invert, breathe, explore) in the morning and enjoy a Deep Stretch and Restorative Yoga class late afternoon. Flow with intention to the beat of your breath while you follow cues poetically spoken to move you through space with grace. Discover the art of inverting, the joy of heart-opening, and connect with the liberation of self-exploration.

Cass encourages students to tailor the practice to meet their needs by providing an array of variations, both modifications and advancements, making her classes accessible to a vast audience. Enjoy a reiki energy adjustment during Savasana. Join us for some tasty jams, like-minded company, and good vibes!

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More Info: info@mardejade.com | 1800-257-0532 | BOOK NOW

Want to know more about Cassandra? Vist: CassandraJustine.com

June 19 - 25, 2016
Gail O'Brian & Kenya

Summer Hooping Mexico is a week long intensive Hula Hoop Retreat in a luxury Mexican location. Over 22 hours of hooping instruction in an intimate setting from international inspirational hoop stars with plenty of time scheduled to allow you to enjoy the amazing setting. Summer Hooping was created for hoopers from all around the world to gather, deepen their hooping practice, and explore Mexico. It is the perfect place for hoopers to come together, share their passion, learn from one another, and continue to spread the hooping joy around the world.

Summer Hooping México es un Retiro de Hula Intensivo, de una semana, en un lujoso destino Mexicano. Más de 22 horas de talleres de Hula Hula, impartidos por 2 grandes estrellas del Hula, en un ambiente muy intimo. Contando a su vez, con tiempo libre para disfrutar de este extraordinario destino. Summer Hooping México fue creado para que los hoopers de todo el mundo, puedan unirse, adentrarse en su práctica con el Hula, y a la vez exploren México. Es el lugar perfecto, para que los hoopers se reúnan, compartan su pasión, aprendan el uno del otro, y continúen contagiando al mundo con su amor por el hula.

June 22 - 29, 2016
Dina Lang
Change your scenery.
Move your body.
Quiet your mind.

This yoga retreat, Silence Speaks, delves deeply into the skill of truly listening.  While we are constantly bombarded by the world around us, this week long retreat offers a chance to discover the wisdom of the greatest teacher of our lifefime, the Self..our ultimate guru.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.  The best in me…hears…the best in you.  ~Dina

Contact & more information: santoshaforeverybody.com