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April 3 - 30, 2016
Jason Milne & Zonia Lucero

200-Hour Live True Tantra Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

The 200 Hour Live True Yoga Teacher Training is a spiritual journey. It is an experiential practice of the energetic techniques from the traditional science of Tantra. The training will focus on perceiving subtle energetic bodies and be supported by physical practices and healing modalities. The intention of this training is to lead participants towards wholeness and balance through the understanding and application of Tantric practices that create a harmonious resonance between the individual microcosm and the Universal macrocosm. It is a practice of celebrating life, opening to love, and awakening through purification and sublimation of energy to a divine state of order and peace.

We invite you to join us in experiencing union with each other and the Divine.

Booking & More Info:

livetrueyoga@gmail.com  /  livetrueyoga.com

April 4 -15, 2016
Toni Bergins

JourneyDance™ International Fast Track Training : Modules 1 & 2

Enter the flow of JourneyDance™ Module 1 with Toni Bergins, founder of JourneyDance and senior training staff. At this level, it’s all about exploring your experience through the evocative and emotional cleansing process that you will eventually bring to others. You discover:

    •    How to embody JourneyDance qualities
    •    The synergy of chakras and elements
    •    The structure and flow of the JourneyDance experience
    •    Our methods of movement, imagery, guidance, and leadership
    •    How to create musical landscapes that support powerful experiences
    •    The processes and rituals of JourneyDance.

www.journeydance.com  /  toni@journeydance.com

April 9 - 16, 2016
Eileen Chan
Jumping into the depths of becoming a yoga teacher or having a deep personal practice takes courage and confidence. It means developing the ability to know who we are as practitioners as well as teachers and being grounded in our authentic selves in both realms.  Beyond the teacher trainings there are few resources for teachers and advanced students to come together and learn from each other, to explore the many branches and streams of yoga, to dive down and explore the true depth of their abilities and passions.

For more information: amytrefry@hotmail.com / www.fullelementliving.com
April 16 - 23, 2016
Victoria Allen
This retreat is designed to unwind your mind, relax your body and re-boot your spirit.

Restorative Yoga &  Dream Circle are the modalities Victoria uses to assist women in deepening into their feminine spirit.

Are you:
• Burned out or exhausted from being a  “too-busy-bee?” 
~ just imagine your ears dropping from your shoulders…

• Can’t seem to turn off your active mind to relax and rest deeply?
 ~ the ocean waves will sooth your weary body…

• Struggling with challenging emotions that drain your energy?
 ~ we’ll help you...

• Tired of unfulfilling relationships that don’t feed your soul? 
~ rejuvenate your relationship with yourself…

• Disconnected from your intuitive guidance and self-trust?
  ~ tap into your internal source of wisdom…

victoria@raiseyourstate.com www.raiseyourstate.com

April 16 - 23, 2016
Davia & Brianna

Join us for a week of yoga, meditation, relaxation and rejuvenation.

~ Daily meditation ~ Morning study group ~ Yoga am & pm ~ Daily workshops ~

• Relax on the beach…
• Lounge poolside….
• Sway in the hammocks overlooking the ocean…
• Stretch out on your yoga mat…
• Venture out to explore and embrace the local culture…
• Hike, paddle, kayak, surf……
• Pamper yourself in the spa…
• Connect with others…connect with yourself… it is all here for you.
*private sessions available*

Allow yourself this opportunity to create a sanctuary for your soul.

Contact Brianna Halloran: brihalloran@gmail.com | 216-225-3381

April 23-29, 2016
Heart Breath
with Robin Clements, JoAnn Lowell, Yinka Latevi Tuakli

Join us for a unique and deeply beautiful experience combining the transformational magic of heart whispering, conscious breathing, ceremony, movement meditation, storytelling and the grace and power of grandmother wisdom.

Your guides, Robin, JoAnn and Yinka hold a deep heartfelt space and offer many years of international experience facilitating retreats, workshops and ceremonies.

We are honored to share with you this elegant journey into self love... as we let go of emotional blocks and deepen our connection, appreciation and expression of the love we truly are.

Mar de Jade is on a pristine, secluded beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico. You will be served delicious healthy food and enjoy your free time by the beach, the pool, spa treatments, trips to local villages or watching hummingbirds as you rest in the hammock.

Book before January 15th for early bird discounts and the best choice of the various accommodation prices & options. Space is limited and spots fill quickly!

Book your room directly with Mar de Jade: www.mardejade.com
Find out more and register at: www.HeartBreath.net / heartbreathretreats@gmail.com
April 23 - 30, 2016
Yoga & Live Music Retreat

Tiffany Wood & Leraine Horstmanshoff

The heart of yoga is found through many gateways. Ignite passion and purpose by embracing all the rasas ~ flavors~ of life. Eat, Play, Love …Again! is designed to unite community through daily meditation, asana practices, sound healing, artistic expression, fun, food and frolicking.

Join certified Anusara© Yoga teacher, Tiffany Wood and internationally acclaimed sound healer/musician, Leraine Horstmanshoff for their 4th annual Mexican fiesta!

For more information: tiffanywoodyoga.com

To register: Please email Jackie at tiffanywoodyoga@gmail.com


April 30 - May 6, 2016
Amber Borgomainerio

Breathe® Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates Retreat

Join Breathe Hot Yoga Founder and veteran Yogi, Amber Borgomainerio for an amazing week of yoga & hot pilates! Get ready to bend, sweat and laugh as we enjoy the beauty of Mar de Jade.

Booking and More Info: