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Yoga and Writing Retreat Mexico
February 10 - 17, 2018
Michele Gunderson
Creating Waves: The Alchemy of Insight

In this retreat, we learn to write from our whole being by moving our bodies through yoga poses, stilling our minds in meditation, and letting go of the inner critic in a safe and supportive writing circle.

We will alternate sessions of writing with sessions of yoga and meditation. All sessions are optional; if you choose, you may wish to go for a walk along the sandy beaches, continue your own personal writing, take a rest, or engage in some other activity during the retreat. This is your retreat. Do whatever nourishes your body, your spirit, and your own creative soul.


As we begin to inhabit our bodies more peacefully through yoga and meditation, letting go of tension, our writing begins to flow and the creative spirit is unleashed. We learn to banish that voice that sounds like our older brother or our teacher telling us how our writing is somehow not right.

As we write and do yoga together, we find inner silence and ultimately, space for our stories to emerge. These
stories are both uniquely our own and, because they speak to our real lives, truly universal, serving to connect us with one another.

When we write from this centred space – whether we write poems, short stories, non-fiction, or family anecdotes – we write the truth of our lives. In this retreat we write together, and we write what is true now, however it emerges, be it a country and western tune, a play, a journal entry, or a story about our fifth-grade teacher. This close attention to what is in our writing and the support of a fun and accepting writing community enriches our yoga practice. As we allow our writing to emerge just as it is, we can also begin to accept each yoga pose as it is at the moment – this morning's Triangle Pose, or this evening's Mountain Pose.

This diving-into-the-heart-of-the-moment is crucial to the practice of yoga. As we learn to live in the present moment, we unleash our creative potential in all aspects of our lives. By bringing yoga and writing together, we enrich both practices and find new ways to nurture our creative spirits.

Michèle will provide a gentle yoga practice that focuses on breathwork and on finding inner stillness through a meditative yoga practice. While we will sometimes work hard, we will play with our yoga poses as well, learning to be at ease in our own physical forms. Exploring the ways in which our emotions are connected to our bodies, we will see how our spirits are affected by different movements – standing poses, gentle back bends, simple balancing poses, restorative forward bends, and so on. We will focus on maintaining a healthy alignment of the body, an alignment that will help us to breathe easily and move freely throughout our lives.

Please Note
No experience in either yoga or writing is necessary for this retreat. The retreat is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts.

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